The Roll of Honor

At Haverstraw Station 1943

     In early 1943, a group of Citizens erected a Roll of Honor listing all then serving in World War Two. This Roll of Honor was located adjacent to the main entrance of the Haverstraw High School.

That Liberty Shall Not Perish From The Earth

     To build the Roll of Honor, Jack Denoyelles donated over 9000 brick while all the lumber yards donated to the construction. Lib Mulligan hand printed each name and did so into the mid 1950’s.


Weeping willow trees were planted each year on Arbor Day in memory of those who passed. Those willow trees, in line behind it, were along the tracks of the Erie right of way.

They Died So That We May Live

     In time, the Roll of Honor began to show signs of wear and tear and was dismantled in the 1970’s. Later, the citizens of the Haverstraw Community erected a Memorial and then Plaque in the Clock Park at the corner of New Main Street and Maple Avenue.

We Will Never Forget